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Paradise v 0.91 Beta Map

Paradise v 0.91 Beta Map - Farming Simulator - Mods 2013

Paradise v 0.91 Beta Map

New vegetation for landscaping
FarmPlex – main farm
New landscaping project
Price of the fields according to the original map
Wide range of vehicles and equipment for the career
larger fields

New comprehensive cowzone with various news and an optimized design for dairy cattle feeding.


new main farm:
Grimme Advanced System Sotore
Shed of fertilizer
Shed for storage of straw, grass and straw bales and grass
Silos for silage
House to live.
Full BGA (designed by Fendt-939)
New Brewery (map two rivers)
new railway


Map: Tiago Piloneto

Pardise map is based on the map KernStadt
by BigDaddy99
atze1978 – Straßenbaukasten V1
frisco0177 – Futterlager
mailman – Pfostenpack V 1.0.0
Ekkhard – Heißluftballons und Blimp

BGA map LSP_Ambt_Delden_Beta
by Fendt-939

Two Rivers Brewery Map LS13
by El Cid

Asphalt texture map Bassumer Land V5_3
by Sirrobin

Basis for texture textures “estrada_horizontal” and “estrada_vertical” Nelamanowice Map v2 by Valkiria84, modified and edited by James Piloneto.

Paradise v 0.91 Beta Map – Farming Simulator – Mods 2013

Download Here 167.9 MB ZippShare

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